Watch Melinda's Story 

This is a typical story of how children come to join us in the Open Arms family.

We believe that the best place for a child is with their family, we work with the community, social workers and the Government to enable this where we can. However, in many tragic circumstances that is sadly not possible. In those cases children are referred to  our care.


Whether the child is with us short or long-term, they become a part of an Open Arms family. A Kenyan mother and father provide a safe and loving home through a foster style model of care. 

When my husband and I joined Open Arms Village as house parents, I never thought it would have such a profound impact in my life.

We strive to give hope to these children. Most of them come to us at their lowest point in life. It is our duty to rebuild their spirits so they can dream of the possibility of better things.

These children may not be our biological children but our hearts don’t know the difference. In our hearts, they are ours and they will always be.


Love, Mama and Daddy Upendo



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