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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Written by Steph

Yesterday, at the open arms centre, we went to the school. The school is an amazing facility and there are 257 students that are sponsored from the community to attend school. Even though education is free in Kenya they have to have a uniform in order to attend and many families can't afford it. Not only that, many children go without food and are unable to concentrate in lessons. At the open arms school the sponsored children get all the meals and uniforms provided for, so they are fueled and ready to learn.

At the school they have a social enterprise club so we decided as a team to put on lots of different activities that they could learn to make as a potential business. We thought to also teach them about budgeting and how to cost their items to sell their products to make a profit. Then after the enterperners have made all their products they are going to present their ideas to the lions (their version of dragons den) to buy their products. We wanted to cover the basic steps its takes to start a business in a fun way and the kids loved it!!

The activities we had where:-

- Drama and Music led by James

- Sewing led by Jeanie and Megan

- Braclet and bead making led by Ashley and Victoria

- Arts and Crafts led by Steph and Zoe

- Baking led by Jen

- Tree grafting and bee hive making led by the Kenya Team

It was amazing to see all the children get stuck and making these products. They love learning news skills and you could see it in their eyes that they lit up when they had achieved in making something new! In drama activity they were all shy at first but james did brilliantly in bringing out their confidence and their acting skills.

Art and crafts the cards they made where so creative and glitter went everywhere! The seeing and braclet making they made some beautiful items. The cakes look amazing decorated with lots of different colours. The idea was to give them a taste of what they could potentially do as a business and we hopefully have given them plenty of ideas and skills they could take away.

I loved how the children were so involved and loving creating news things. I believe it was a very fun and educational experience for the children.

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