Toddlers and babies

Written by Jeanie

Today some of the women and I went to experience life in the Open Arms Day Care Centre for fun, craft, play and singing. The day care is for children aged between 2 and 4.

Matilda the manager looks after approximately 16 toddlers with a helper, they are here for the same hours as school.

As we arrived the children were very happy to see us and welcomed us with shouts of “hello Auntie’.

Today we brought paints, paper and crayons. Finger painting was very popular and some wonderful works of art were created. On to the next activity, the such fun! The toddlers were in great spirits! 

Time to go outside next and use up some of their energy - Woo hooo😀

We all stood in a big circle on the playing field/ football pitch and began to sing lots of Action Songs. Despite the toddlers not able to understand much, they LOVED the actions (Row, Row, Row your boat, The Hokey Cokey , The Wheels on the Bus) and they still wanted more (head shoulders, knees and toes). I was racking my brains trying to remember the many songs I had learnt over the years, Zoom zoom zoom we’re going to the Moon, seemed to be the favourite and lots of fun and laughter was had.

Next Matilda had the children running races in pairs, they have endless energy eventually the children had all had a race and the morning had raced by and it was time to go for lunch, we waved the children goodbye and the team and myself exhausted, headed back to the life centre.

Children are so much joy and we have loved spending so much time with them all on this trip.

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