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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Today was all about settling in. We got taken on a tour of the village and then prepared all our activities for the coming 2 weeks.

We started off at the bakery, they have built a maze grinder where they grind maize (corn) into flour for both the village and the community. In the bakery they produce around 320 bread rolls a day for the whole village.

Then we went on to the baby home, they current have 11 babies ageing from 3 months to 2 years old. It was so special to see all the adorable babies (I think several team members will be spending a lot of time there).

Afterwards we saw the poultry and cow farm. They have 340 chicken which lay eggs and 194 chicks. We met with Henry, the farmer, he is such a friendly and enthusiastic guy and it was amazing to see how passionate he is about the work that he does.

Next, we went to see the hydroponics system. This was built by a team from the US who travel over the world and build these systems in deprived areas for free! It is a method of keeping fish (catfish in this case) by filtering the water through a plant bed (which cleans and purifies the water for the fish).

We also saw the water system for the village. They have an amazing system of cleaning and storing water. They also keep a full tank of clean water which they then give to people in the community for free when there is a drought. Unfortunately, this still needs building work done to complete the system but they need to raise financial support to finish this structure.

Finally we saw the children’s homes. Each house has house parents and 16-18 children, they have all come from desperate backgrounds and for some reason or other cannot live with their families or they have no family.

Overall, it was amazing to see all the different areas in which Open Arms works and how they work to be as sustainable as possible. We had a group devotion meeting tonight where we all talked about how touched we have been by seeing all the work they do here because there is such a need in this community. There are so many people who have so little materialistic, but they are so rich emotionally as they completely joyful and thankful for every blessing they have. We are excited to get to know these people more and work with them over the next 2 weeks.

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