What a weekend!

What a busy few days!

In Friday, we all had a bit of relaxation time to reflect about the previous 5 days here in Kenya. Many of us went to the baby home and got to meet all the beautiful babies with such tragic stories.

In the afternoon we all got to experience a Kenyan fundraiser. Open Arms is always seeking ways to become more sustainable and self-sufficient. From producing their own food to being funded by Kenyans.

At the fundraiser there were performances by the children, a feast of foods and an auction. Kenyan auctions are very different to the UK. Instead of one person bidding for an item, someone starts the bidding and others chip in extra money. It was a confusing concept as those other people weren’t receiving anything, but they do it to raise more money (everyone comes with a set amount they want to donate) and they see buying an item as helping the community, which they are all part of.

On Saturday, we went to see the Noah Initiative. This is an organisation linked to Open Arms that supports young men in the community at risk of becoming offenders. They work both with the boys, to get them into school and give them support and life lessons. They also work with the boys families to give them a holistic, full support.

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning and met up with the Noah Initiative again in the afternoon for music festival to reach different people in the community and preach the gospel to them.

We also experienced our first proper Kenyan downpour. It rained like none of us had ever seen before (it even hailed at some points). We were all huddled in a tent waiting for it to pass, it rained for at least 45 minutes. All the roads in the village are dirt roads so they became swamps! Even the trucks struggled driving along them. But it was great to witness and see how quickly the weather can change here. We may get far more rain in England but we don’t even get the type of rain they have here.

It strange to think we have already been here a whole week and in another week we’ll be back on English soil. We’re all excited for what we will do in the coming days.

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