Macadamia Trees

Henry (the Village farm manager) is passionate about investing in fruitful opportunities that are sustainable and will promote self-sufficiency. Henry would like to plant Macadamia trees in the village as he has a lot of previous entrepreneurial experience and knows the benefits.

We want to invest in this passion, we are looking to fundraise to enable him to buy these trees for the Village.

One tree costs £5 and we have the space to plant 250.

Why Macadamia trees:

  • Often called the ‘retirement tree’ by Kenyan farmers, mature Macadamias yield a generous harvest for centuries.

  • During early stages of growth other crops can be sown alongside the trees, making the best use of the land.

  • High in protein, rich in healthy fats and fibre.

  • Macadamia trees also help to generate honey production for the nearby beehives at the Village.

  • Macadamia nuts are a highly sought after product, this will in time create an income stream further enabling the Village to become self-sustainable.

  • A low maintenance crop, Macadamia tolerate drought well and require low amounts of irrigation.

  • 60 plants can be grown in 1 acre of land allowing maximum use of land.

Thank You!