What We Do



To rescue and restore the most vulnerable children.



To help local communities address their problems at the source.



To guide people towards their passion and purpose.



To inspire sustainable change and educate future generations.

Where we work


Eldoret, Kenya

Who we work with

We work with all people in Eldoret, young or old. We take in babies from 1 day old if they need care and we run quarterly Elders Days which support the oldest in the community.


We are passionate about giving people a hand up rather than a hand out, we want to give people the tools and encouragement to change their own situation for the better and to impact the community they live in.

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Vulnerable children fight hunger and malnutrition, medical problems, abuse, lack of education, social discrimination, and more. They need advocates to break this poverty cycle.


At Open Arms Village, hundreds of orphaned or vulnerable children have overcome the odds and joined a new family! Whether they stay with us for days, months, or years, each child experiences the power of family and the love of Christ in a tangible way.


Unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, and broken relationships contribute to countless social and spiritual problems in local communities. But there is hope!

Our reach extends beyond the gate of Open Arms Village. We are passionate about forming deep, healthy relationships with those in our community and serving them in a way that displays the love of Christ and inspires them to address the root causes of the issues they face.



The Village homes, school, and church all operate with one goal: to help others understand who God is and who He’s created them to be.


Counselors, teachers, social workers, and house parents work with each child to identify and encourage areas of purpose and passion, and our Church at the Village and other outreach programs extend that mentorship to those in the community

This mission is God-sized – bigger than any one person or organization. Our vision is to inspire change that will last for generations to come!

We do this by educating the future leaders and citizens of Kenya, and through our sustainability projects. We currently operate a dairy farm, grain farm, poultry and egg farm, grain mill, bakery, various gardens, and a hydroponic fish farm to reduce costs, create revenue, and teach our children valuable skills. 

Can you help us do this work?

See what £8.75 can do

When you partner with Open Arms, you give hope to all the children living at Open Arms Village. This way, each child receives the care they need.

We've done the math and it only takes £8.75 to provide one day of comprehensive care.


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